Consumers shaping products


a division of Procter
& Gamble
, is asking people to go to the Web to vote for their favorite
from a short list of contenders: lemon ice, sweet berry punch or tropica
exotica. Samples of the flavors are attached to some Crest products….

executives say the campaign reflects an increasing interest by companies in
involving consumers in their advertising. The trend is another way to break
from traditional advertising that viewers increasingly can tune out with TiVo
and other digital video recorders. …

consumers vote overwhelmingly for a product or participate in its development,
it is more likely the new item will sell well, said Michael D’Esopo, a senior
partner at Lippincott Mercer, a design and brand identity firm that is a
division of Mercer Inc.

I say “P2P” and “mass customization” come closer and closer?