Coalition Floats Ideas to Tame Rocketing Costs of Health Care – Coalition Floats Ideas to Tame Rocketing Costs of Health Care
It seems that a group of 100 “companies, unions, consumer groups and political leaders called for establishing an independent board to help bring the growth of medical spending in the U.S. to the rate of economic growth in the next five years.” It’s “nonpartisan.” Yeah, right!

Sounds like a good idea. I wonder if there’s room at the table for nonprofits like ACS? It could be a good leverage point.

Under the coalition’s vision, such a board would be overseen by Congress and include members from the public and private sectors.

“The escalation of health-care costs is not only a health-care issue. It is also a major national economic problem,” the report said.

The coalition recommended that all Americans get health insurance within a few years of legislation being enacted, without saying exactly how coverage should be expanded. About 82 million people spent some portion of 2002 and last year without coverage, and the report cites a “sense of foreboding” among millions of insured Americans about the security of their own coverage.

It’d interesting to see if all the interests groups involved could get outside their own narrow perspectives long enough to solve some broad systemic issues that would benefit everyone. Yeah, I know: What a Pollyanna.