C&M Symposium

Yesterday I joined Cherie Porter (Dir. E-Revenue, NHO) and Allan Nance (President, Mansell Group) to present several sessions on e-tools/e-communications.

My section of the presentation was to discuss the online best practices developed and produced by the Eastern Division — Team ACS and Community Fundraising Pages (CFP).  The key takeaway from my section was that the core best practice, evident through Team ACS and CFP, is the importance of championing innovation and understanding the role it can play in helping us reach mission. I of course used the opportunity to also reinforce the fact that the FI Center is a best practice in and of itself and that it’s a valuable resource for each Division.

Overall, the divisions are enthuiastic about both tools and eagerly want to be able to utilize them locally (and Eastern is feverishly working to make that a reality). The response was great so I thought I’d share some of the examples that made the presentation of how both tools should be used.

Great example of basic usage of Team ACS.

Great example of how Team ACS can help constituents realize their own vision for fighting cancer (coming to Team ACS from the S. Atlantic Division).

Great example of how we can extend offline regional events with online components through CFP.

Great example of how CFP can be used to extend our awareness building efforts.

Allan Nance was outstanding and used the AARP’s online strategy as an example of a best practice.  He also had a wealth of statistical data that would be great for us to use — Cherie will be sharing that down the line.

I also just posted some thoughts about today’s general session on my personal blog.