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Linking up

I’ve started doing a "blog roll" for FISpace. Over on the right you’ll see a list beginning under LINKS. Those are links to some of the web sites and blogs of presenters at the NVHA Innovations conference.  There’s more to go, but I have learned that in TypePad–the platform for FISpace–it’s easy to add links. You click on a link, ...

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FISpace makeover

Actually, the reason for the FICenter meeting wasn’t just to pose for the corny picture posted below but to discuss the outcomes of the NVHA Innovations conference. The conference was a roaring success. It was well thought out, well run, had excellent faculty, excellent multi-agency participants, and left everyone fired-up to venture into the world of Internet social commentary. Kudos, ...

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I am please to announce the launch of our conference website for National Voluntary Health Agency Innovations Conference.  This year I am putting together the conference and the focus is on Social Network Media, and how it will impact the way that we do business as a health nonprofit.  There are a twenty plus speakers coming from the blogosphere, VCs, ...

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Peoplesoft Employees flock to Linkedin

Peoplesoft employees are updating their Linkedin Profiles at an alarming rate.  As Oracle prepares to terminate employees from the acquired company what can we learn about basic employee retention, and the mob mentality of jumping ship?  more commentary on Community Mobilization

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