C-Tools in the Russian Blogosphere

It appears that the Russian Blogosphere has found C-tools after its run in Gizmodo. Below is a translation of the blog posting. I used one of the Bablefish translation programs to get this so it is not my bad Russian skills.

Palmtops will fight with cancer
19.08.2004 20:25 | HPC.ru

American cancerous society concludes the development of complex reference book for pocket PK, which must help more precisely to diagnose the development of tumors at the early stages of development. Program was called name C-tools 2.0 and it is proposed to the practicing therapeutics, to the members of society. Application is compatible with naladonnikami on base PalmOS and PocketPC. In the American to medicine have long ago been and actively adapted different solutions on the basis of pocket PK, which must increase the quality of the care of patients. The system of cancerous diagnostics and reference book C-tools 2.0 registered users can free of charge obtain already from January 2005. To be registered it is possible on the site of association.