Blogging has dramatically reshaped the way we interact with charitable organizations.  The constituent relationship management (CRM)  paradigm has shifted .  The public doesn’t want to be managed.  They want control of the dialog, to dictate terms, and choose methods of communication.

The question for fundraisers  has become:  Is the mechanism in place to enable our constituents the channel to create a two-way dialog with our organization?  According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project’s Digital Division study,  80% of Americans ages 30-49 go on line .  Blogging represents  a promising way to create relationships with this younger,  traditionally hard to cultivate group of donors. 

Blogs can also support special events.   Bloggoing should be tested as part of our fundraining strategy and could become a key ingredient to  further connecting   with constituents as goals changed in upcoming years.

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  1. You’re spot on about the new attitude of people in the online world. Got to treat them differently than the past.