Blogging from MARCOMM – Day 2

Lot’s of neat stuff today. Our opening session featured some of the Society’s heavy hitters including Rob Mitchell, Donella Wilson, Terri Music and Molly Daniels. I only got to stay for Rob’s and Donella’s talks. They covered some great points about telling our story.

Until Rob gave his talk I never knew that the Society was the number 2 charity in the United States behind The Salvation Army. Donella’s talk was well done as well and she really delved into the specifics of where our research is headed. Everything from Nanotechnology to Bioinformatics.(Where are those Nanotechnology posts David Colllin). From there Alan Brunson and I hosted 3 sessions on the Link. We had some great questions from people from California and Illinois and almost every Division.

Harry Johns is always a good speaker and between sessions we stopped for some lunch and listened to him talk about personalizing our message to drive home our message. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk when you communicate about the Society. Rene Kelly of the Heartland also got up and talked about having to visit a Hope Lodge to really talk about it. Make sense doesn’t it?

The afternoon session was well done and featured Volunteers from the Cali Division talking about how they made their Colon Cancer Push work for Asian, African-American and Hispanic markets. They were also some of the funnier presenters.

The only bad spot of the day? I missed the bus to the dinner at Atlanta’s History Museum. But it was all for a good cause. I was doing some phone support for our first TeamACS event over in Hawai’i till about 7:15pm. And it’s up and running with some great photos. Go check it out…..