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Pew Internet & American Life Project

Pew Internet & American Life Project According to the latest Pew Internet and American Life survey 17% of Internet users have logged on using a wireless device. Members of Gen Y (those ages 18-27) are far and away the most likely to have used wireless devices – 28% have done so. Well that’s my profile and actually my favorite way ...

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FI Space

Polyp Man in your Hotmail? Looks like our Polyp Man is no stranger to the Internet. Look what I saw (along with millions of others) as I opened my Hotmail this morning. It appears that through the Ad Council or our Communications Dept we have bought some banner ad space to reach people during Colon Cancer month. Good work I ...

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Hello You've got mail from the Pope! Intresting article about how the subscribers to Verizon Wireless can now recieve messages from the Pope on their cellphones by messaging a certain number. Is the Vatican Blog too far behind?

Read More » – Google mail raises privacy fears – Google mail raises privacy fears In case you thought it was simply an April Fools Joke, Gmail is a reality. Google will soon start to offer a Web email solution that gives you up to 1GB of online space for free. In comparison my Hotmail gives me 4 MB of free space. The catch? Google will be reading ...

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