Are We Close to IPTV That Really Works?

What if every time you decided to change the channel on your television, you had to wait while it loaded or created a buffer? We wouldn’t watch near as much television, would we? And, that’s kind of what it’s like with large files–video, audio, even pdf’s–that we send to each other and try to view on our computers. The promise of IPTV has been something we’ve all watched and waited for with anticipation, yet it’s just not here yet…but I believe it is close after talking with the CEO and CTO of BroadRamp.

They have created and trademarked a Content Delivery System (CDS), and it does such things as:

  • lower bandwidth by 70-80%
  • reduce file sizes by 90% so less storage is needed
  • removes the need for any media players to view video and launches from all browsers–just think, no downloading, no caching, no buffering…no waiting since it launches in 1-2 seconds and is searchable
  • good enough security–7 layers–that one client is the DOD

Content delivery is one of our core capacities at the American Cancer Society, and the opportunities for us are many. Whether it is a 5-minute corporate message from the CEO, an eLearning or training video for a staff or volunteer, or content we want to reach newly diagnosed patients and their families, BroadRamp’s CDS may deserve some attention as we look for fast, efficient and effective ways to deliver our content.

See for yourself with some of their demos–eBooks, video,  and an eMagazine embedded with video advertising.