A better solution for Flickr

Well someone beat me to the punch. As you may or may not know I created a account for people to upload their photos from Relay For Life on Flickr. I offered to email anyone the user name and password so they could add their own event. However as I shopped this around someone informed me that you could already do this with the a Flickr group pool. And guess what? There is already a Relay For Life one. So now you have two choices if you don’t have a Flickr account email me and I will let you use ours. However if you already have an account please just join the Relay For Life Photo pool and post away. They already have over 100 photos posted!

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  1. It’s interesting that there are Relay For Life things already out there. I’d be interested to know if they were done by volunteers or staff. I think it would be of interest to Relay volunteers to see what others are doing. Relay is a community and it looks like “the Relay community” is already building itself.

  2. From the age of the people in the photos I would bet 99% that these are all done by Volunteers. Very cool indeed.