20 Ideas for a Great Podcast (FrogBlog)

Courtesy of Customer Evangelist, here’s a great post: 20 Ideas for a Great Podcast (FrogBlog).


  1. Great list.

  2. This is what I’m trying for in my best practices podcasts:
    1. Get to the point
    2. Stay on message
    3. Use humor when appropriate (and only if it’s humorous).

  3. Hallelujah! I have been producing/hosting an independent music podcast (10 weekly episodes strong) and I couldn’t agree more on many of the suggestions. Even the ones I have not yet implemented are already on my production calendar for review, at least. I have a background in audio production and am a stickler for sound quality, but implenting time-coded show notes in various places was one of the best moves I made. Top-of-show episode ID, edits, and a policy of improving one small thing in each episode have been great for me. Feel free to check out the work at http://www.skypiecesradio.com. Suggestions more than welcome!