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Non Profit DIY: Teleprompter

Jerry Markham and Tom Stagg designed and built a homemade teleprompter for the American Cancer Society High Plains video production unit. Says Tom Stagg “We set out to build a teleprompter for under $100, and came in well under budget.” TOOLS Tools used were A table saw, router, screwdriver, drill, and sewing machine. PARTS Parts were 50/50 beamsplitter glass, wood, ...

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Non Profit Innovations : An Interview with Heidi from Planet Cancer

Another in our series of interviews with people making a difference in the non-profit world. Turn the audio up on this one a little. Heidi is unusually quiet in this interview ; -)

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Overcoming These Five Obstacles May Increase Your Chances of Successful Innovation

Ever had problems trying to implement an innovation? For every idea that is successfully introduced, there are thousands that are brilliant, but don’t make it from the “idea” stage to the implementation stage. If you’re about to try to get an innovative idea or project off the ground, be aware that not everyone is on the leading edge of Moore’s ...

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