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Don’t think LBS is serious? Newspapers Do.

No that’s not some new tax law for nonprofits. LBS stands for (in geek terms) location based service. Read on to find out why newspapers are starting to take this service seriously. Check out this great post from my friend Rob Quigley. “This morning, the Austin American-Statesman began a collaboration with Gowalla, the social media startup that uses GPS-enabled phones ...

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Presumed Abundance

Have you all seen this? I pray that this concept exists somewhere in the nonprofit world. You see some nonprofits do make it big. And they would be happy to fund other nonprofits. I know I would be happy to do that with Lights. Camera. Help. Read on to find out more on why this would be a genius thing ...

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Greenlights Web Volunteer Needed

Hey Gang! Can you help? The fine folks at Greenlights are in the process of developing a new website, which will be built using Joomla, an open source, PHP content management system. A volunteer is needed to assist with content migration, Joomla setup, and configuration prior to launch. Experience working with PHP content management systems is a plus, but not ...

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Come take our Film Class! Now with Greenlights!

Hey readers! Along with the other staff of Lights. Camera. Help. I will be teaching the following class. Would love to have you sign up and see your smiling faces. Do you want to use video to connect to your community and inspire your donors? Do you lack the skills or the budget? Or do you just need a little ...

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