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Have you seen GivShop.com?

Launching September 8th, GivShop brings businesses and communities together to help raise money for local non-profits.  If you sign up for GivShop, you’ll receive daily deals of up to 80% off great Austin products and fun activities. With every purchase you make, GivShop donates 50% of their profits to the local non-profit of your choice, including Lights. Camera. Help. Sign ...

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I got a new Job :: HelpAttack!

I know I know…. not a big surprise . David has another project. But this time it’s different. When Sarah Vela approached me in Jan of 2010 about this idea I wanted to say no. Not one more thing on my plate. I had Ridgewood : Ingenious Communications Strategies, Lights. Camera. Help. plus writing the book for Wiley. But the ...

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Chiles help defeat childhood cancer?

Mmmm doing good while eating good……someone buy that URL! Anyway Z’ Tejas has announced that the LIVESTRONG Childhood Cancer Survivorship Center at Dell Children’s Medical Center is this year’s beneficiary of the Chile Bash! For each chile-themed entree sold between September 7 and September 26, they will donate $1 to the Survivorship Center. Please tell your friends and family, better yet, ...

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New name and a win for a Lights. Camera. Help. program

You may have noticed that we changed our Volunteer Match program to be called Project: Action!. Same great program with a new (and better name). Big thanks to Aaron Bramley for thinking up that name. Project : Action! is an amazing online database that hooks up Nonprofits that need help with Filmmakers. Musicians, and Editors that want to help them. ...

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