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Mommy and Daddy Do It Pro Bono – Win a Trip

From the folks at TapRoot : “Do you know a mom or dad who is a professional superhero? They get the kids dressed and out of the door, are rock stars at work and, in between, get everyone motivated to make a difference faster than a train, plane or automobile? Great! We want the world to know them too! Submit ...

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The Future of Field based Fundraising Staff?

Now I try and remain vendor agnostic but this was a great demo of very cool software from the folks at BlackBaud. Of course how much would an ipad cost for each of your fundraising folks? But would that be worth the investment if it was their full time work machine?

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How much does your NP boss get paid?

Check out the latest figures from the 2010 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report. Interesting facts below. What do you think? Do you know: * How many CEOs headed nonprofits with budgets greater than $50 million in FY 2008? Answer: 3,107. The median compensation for those CEOs was $394,508. * How many CEOs headed nonprofits with budgets between $25 million and $50 ...

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NTEN voting Time! Help us Ignore Goliath

Hello Readers! Can we get HELP voting on this panel? Should be a good one for us to showcase some amazing tech from right here in Austin, TX! http://www.nten.org/node/9942 Simply go to that URL and hit the 5 star button plus leave a comment. We want double rainbow status!

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