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A closer look

This isn’t the sort of thing that grabs headlines, but I think this is really important news. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore Lab (about 20 miles east of here) and from other countries have developed techniques to look at single molecules of protein folding up. This is a breakthrough in being able to get the details of how proteins fold–and mis-fold–a ...

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Getting up to speed

Wired 11.09: View There seems to be a way to glimpse the future for the US when it adopts broadband by looking at Korea. What strikes me is that broadband is as transformative socially as the slowpoke modem Net has been. When broadband dominates it’s going to be necessary to re-think online communication with constituents.

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A dot-com anomaly?

USATODAY.com – The search engine that could This article about Google evokes deja vu. Sounds like 1999. This company–whose name is now a verb as well–seems to have succeeded in the freewheeling dot-com style that is anathema in business circles now. But it still suggests that a highly innovative environment and success can go together.

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In the latest issue of Nature there is an article about a class of molecules that seems to extend the lifespan of yeast by down-regulating the p53 gene (a tumor suppressor) and blunting the trigger of apoptosis. (Whoopie for yeast!) It’s action mimics the life extending process that occurs with caloric restriction. The good news is that these chemicals occur ...

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