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Info: slip-slidin' away

Here’s an article about a conference in Vienna on open source—software and other-ware—as a form of social reform. It echoes the Internet’s original mantra: “Information wants to be free.” The ethos of the meeting evidently endorses share and share-alike collectivism, and the author questions it. Forget the retro-socialist rhetoric. The old capitalism/socialism debate seems pretty anachronistic these days. However, what ...

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Mark this day

I’ve been watching the US Open today, and I saw the first ad for nanotechnology. Hewlett Packard has a 60-second ad talking about things 1,000th of a human hair wide and the things they may do. I put this on a par with the first time I saw a PC commercial about 25 years ago. It was a beginning. Of ...

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Beware corporate culture

The report on the dysfunctional management culture at NASA that contributed to the destruction of the shuttle Columbia shows that corporate culture can be a killer, literally.

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A closer look

This isn’t the sort of thing that grabs headlines, but I think this is really important news. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore Lab (about 20 miles east of here) and from other countries have developed techniques to look at single molecules of protein folding up. This is a breakthrough in being able to get the details of how proteins fold–and mis-fold–a ...

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