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Small but mighty

Here’s one for the Fascinating Little Gizmos file. The Quallion company is making a battery the size of a pencil lead to be implanted to energize artificial neurons that will control, among other things, urinary incontinence. The battery is wrapped in a little coil that will enable it to be recharged from an external electricity source. Another company is making ...

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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation: New ideas, products, concepts, ideation. IdeaFlow – Corante. If innovation is your thing, you might check-out this index to posts about the Innovation Convergence conference that was held in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. The event was covered by authors of the Corante blog “Idea Flow.” There are some interesting ideas salted away in their reports.

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In-kind donations

The McKinsey Quarterly: In-kind donations for nonprofits Here’s a rather interesting article about in-kind donations written by a publication that is primarily business-oriented. It has a useful model of the process of developing an in-kind donations approach. It also mentions the ACS.

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Keeping up

Another week, another conference (in Boston) about the offshoring crisis in IT and what to do about it. The interesting nuance to this one is the admonition to IT professionals to invest in training whether they are unemployed or employed and to be ready to shift careers. So the admonitions that started a couple of decades ago about “lifelong learning” ...

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