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Financing future health care

The earlier post, “At what price?”, raised an interesting issue about the cost of cancer therapies that extend life at significant financial and social cost. It echoes a view expressed recently in an article entitled, “Aging Gracelessly: Can the US devise a rational economic model for health care?” It appeared in Acumen: Journal of the Life Sciences.

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Blatant appeal

On Sunday mornings my wife and I like to watch the Food Network, an all-cooking cable channel. It seems like all programs start the same way: “Take a pound of butter…” There is one extraordinary exception: “Cooking Thin” by Kathleen Daelemans. This lady could be taking her script from the ACS nutrition and exercise guidelines. This isn’t just someone in ...

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Firms use casual meetings to engage staff

Contra Costa Times | 10/05/2003 | Firms use casual meetings to engage staff From the Dallas Morning News–down Danny’s way–via my hometown blat, the Contra Costa Times.

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Excellent article on cancer

While we’re making reference to articles about cancer, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the excellent update Scientific American did back in July on recent evidence affecting theories of cancer. To my way of thinking it’s a must read. One interesting statement: One day science will produce a definitive answer to the question of what causes cancer. ...

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