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A worthy goal

The first official issue of the Public Library of Science Biology is online. This is perhaps what you’d call an “open source” approach to science publishing. Scientists with no less prominence than Harold Varmus have been trying to wrest the control of scientific publication from a small group of publishing companies that charge very high prices (exorbitant or not is ...

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Monkey business

If you’re planning to get those Neiman Marcus bots, here’s the perfect companion: a wired monkey that can move a robotic arm with its “thoughts.” Seriously, it’s not trivial if what they claim is true. The interface between complex nervous tissue and control of devices is evidently making progress.

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Linking processes of evolution and cancer

Regions of genes may be hotspots for gentic change in evolution and in cancer. Once again evidence suggests the basic mechanisms of cancer are intertwined with the basic mechanisms of life.

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His and hers bots

Get them while supplies last! From Neiman Marcus for Christmas, his and hers robots. Just $500,000 the pair. Neiman Marcus Online

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