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The good news or the bad first?

On the matter of whether the US technical community is losing ground to international competitors, Andy Grove, long-time, now retired CEO of Intel, offered his views recently. He introduced himself by saying to his audience, “I’m here to be the skunk at your garden party.” Andy is very concerned about the software and technology industries being able to compete with ...

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Medical Testing For Profit

There is a significant rise in, advertised profit making, genetic and device based medical screening (e.g. BRAC1, whole body CAT scans, etc). What effects will this evolving industry have on healthcare? How do organizations like the American Cancer Society plan for the growth of this trend? The early market for innovative fee for service diagnostic testing will largely be the ...

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PDAs, PatientKeeper Team Up to Capture Lost Revenue

Health-IT World: PDAs, PatientKeeper Team Up to Capture Lost Revenue Isn’t there someone working on a Springboard doctors and PDAs project?

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Pause to reflect

“We have an answer here…But what are the questions?” Dr. Paul Agre, winner on Wednesday of 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

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