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Pause to reflect

“We have an answer here…But what are the questions?” Dr. Paul Agre, winner on Wednesday of 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

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AOL launches new services in Spanish

InfoWorld: AOL launches new services in Spanish: October 01, 2003: By : Applications Worth noting. Seems to me there is stereotype about Latinos and African-Americans that they are not on the Internet. AOL is going to challenge that notion by creating a whole Spanish service. What I think they have perceived is that specific ethnic groups want a service that ...

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Small but mighty

Here’s one for the Fascinating Little Gizmos file. The Quallion company is making a battery the size of a pencil lead to be implanted to energize artificial neurons that will control, among other things, urinary incontinence. The battery is wrapped in a little coil that will enable it to be recharged from an external electricity source. Another company is making ...

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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation: New ideas, products, concepts, ideation. IdeaFlow – Corante. If innovation is your thing, you might check-out this index to posts about the Innovation Convergence conference that was held in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. The event was covered by authors of the Corante blog “Idea Flow.” There are some interesting ideas salted away in their reports.

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