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An e-newsletter from onPhilanthropy came in (I used to write grant proposals), and the link went to some articles that might be worth a look. In fact, dig around; you might find something.

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BIOSILICO: Paradigm change

Running through BIOSILICO was a distinct vibe of big change in life sciences. The notion that already there is a pretty well developed industry begat of biology, medicine and computer science suggests that changes already have substance. That is, modern biology isn’t your father’s biology. It’s not even the biology of flora and fauna I studied in school (which brings ...

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Explanation For Overeating

ScienceDaily News Release: Researchers Home In On Obesity Gene And Offer Explanation For Overeating I’ve always suspected I had the SNAK gene.

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It is often assumed that the more knowledge that is gained in a specific area the less there is to discover within that specialty. Indeed if boundaries are placed on a specialty area the knowledge to be gained within the defined area may indeed be finite. As a species we do seem to love borders and boundaries. They help us ...

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