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Donor Values

Face to face fund raising is the fastest growing income source for many British charities. What is it? The concept is to pay solicitors to meet with prospects and sign them up for monthly direct debits from their bank accounts. With an average yearly value of 411.00 BP or US $700.00 the system has promise but only if donors can ...

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Debate on personal medicine gets, er, personal

Evidently the new FDA guidelines about moving toward using genetic profile data to differentiate drug development and prescription has kicked-off some heated discussion. A Forbes article describes a debate between a cardiologist and a drug company exec that got pretty ardent. The cardiologist said genetics-based diagnostics will be important in medicine, and the pharma exec said it won’t happen because ...

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VoIP providers face price war

VoIP providers face price war | CNET News.com Awhile back Jim McGovern mentioned that VoIP might be a real savings for ACS in the future. This article shows some of the price issues once the technology is ripe.

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Are Your Employees Bowling Alone?

In a Harvard Business Review article (reprint available here) entitled “Are Your Employees Bowling Alone? How to Build a Trusting Organization,” author Douglas Smith appied Robert Putnam’s (Bowling Alone) concepts of social capital to business. Bowling alone was Putnam’s metaphor for the civic disengagement: in 15 years, the numbers of bowlers grew, but much fewer were bowling in leagues. The ...

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