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VoIP providers face price war

VoIP providers face price war | CNET News.com Awhile back Jim McGovern mentioned that VoIP might be a real savings for ACS in the future. This article shows some of the price issues once the technology is ripe.

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Are Your Employees Bowling Alone?

In a Harvard Business Review article (reprint available here) entitled “Are Your Employees Bowling Alone? How to Build a Trusting Organization,” author Douglas Smith appied Robert Putnam’s (Bowling Alone) concepts of social capital to business. Bowling alone was Putnam’s metaphor for the civic disengagement: in 15 years, the numbers of bowlers grew, but much fewer were bowling in leagues. The ...

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News from Dr. S

At the risk of creating a little redundancy I want to mention the Independent Sector (IS) annual meeting that John Seffrin brought to our attention in his 11/3 nationwide e-mail. The speech to the assembly by IS CEO Diana Aviv that John recommended is a good thing to listen to. It’s a reminder that the ACS is part of something ...

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A lesson from cancer

Fast Company | coping – Dan Hanson Funny how cancer cuts through the b.s. Here’s an article from Fast Company about a guy who got cancer, and it changed his whole outlook on the workplace, among other things. Another inspriing story from a survivor and instructive about work. Some quotables:

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