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Booster Shot against Cancer

Innovation: Booster Shot against Cancer Update on cancer vaccines.

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Is Obesity A Disease? (washingtonpost.com)

Is Obesity A Disease? (washingtonpost.com) Good question.

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14 million jobs up for grabs?

Back to a favorite topic of mine: offshoring. Why am I so obsessed with this? Two reasons: FI Space is about looking at the future context in which ACS must operate, and the outsourcing/offshoring situation may portend a fundamental shift in the global economy and the fortune of nations, including the US. I happen to think it is a pretty ...

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For you science freaks

Let me plug it again: the Scientific American July issue article, “Untangling the Roots of Cancer,” a must-read for anyone interested in the biological processes of cancer. The article describes three new hypotheses about processes that go on in the nuclei of cells that may be part of the genomic and chromosomal changes that lead to cancer and drug resistance. ...

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