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Visuals at SXSW

More SXSW action from our panels and book signing! Woot! http://envizualize.com/blog/2011/03/24/illustrated-highlights-of-the-future-of-nonprofits-innovate-and-thrive-in-the-digital-age-book-event-at-sxsw-interactive/ ____________________ http://envizualize.com/blog/2011/03/12/visual-notes-from-the-future-of-nonprofits-book-reading/ ________________________ http://ogilvynotes.com/post/3810046147/community-submission-from-jonny-goldstein _________________________ http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonnygoldstein/sets/72157626140094457/with/5519737935/

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Our Book reviewed by Kirkus!

Can I get a w00t!? Check out one of the leading book industries magazine’s review of our book! Can I use the word book more in one sentence? : ) More at The Future of Nonprofits. THE FUTURE OF NONPROFITS Debut authors Neff and Moss tackle the sustainability of nonprofits through one encompassing keyword: innovation. Drawing on the authors’ experiences ...

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Crowdsourcing Housing for Japan

Boulder nonprofit “Sparkrelief” responded immediately with housing relief for Japanese earthquake victims.  Sparkrelief created Quakehousing.org where those displaced can find offers of housing posted by people with free rooms. A crisis of this magnitude can have far reaching emotional effects.  Providing easily accessible information through a simple interface reduces stress when searching for relief. Often, people who want to help feel ...

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Randal Moss and Convio on The Future of Nonprofits

Live from SxSW Randy Moss tells shares three key elements for prepping your nonprofit for real innovation and creativity.

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