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The LOVE Drop and Felicity

The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month they gave over $5,000 worth of cash and goods to their recipient, the Aubin family, who was struggling financially after the passing of their dad, and this month they’re ready to do it again and help out another person 🙂 They’ve given out over $45,000 in the past 6 months, ...

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Is HotCause Hawt?

Hey fellow nonprofit geeks what do you think? Is this something you would sign up for with your nonprofit? HOTCAUSE was formed to leverage the daily deal model, that launched the fastest growing companies in history, to create sustainable funding opportunities through social venturing for charitable causes. According to their site “Every day, merchants provide exciting opportunities for our members to ...

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Nonprofits + Surfing + Coding = Radass

Check out this cool gues post from the folks at Warm Current: Warm Current began when we (traveling surfers) noticed the disparity between ourselves and those in the communities we visited. Now a 501(c)3, Warm Current serves underprivileged communities and youth globally through donations of surfing equipment and locally through kids surfing programs. The Faces of Warm Current campaign is ...

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Facebook Causes: What are you wishing for?

This flew under the radar a little but check out the new stuff Causes unleashed on the Social Media fundraising world this week below. They are well known (almost famous) for their cool Birthday Wishes. More here. The Wedding Wish Do you really need a toaster? Or another set of towels? A Causes Wedding Wish is the perfect way for ...

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