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We could all use this class….srsly…

This is pretty brillant. I know that the modern donor has way too many choices and anything the sector can do to help them make better choices…is better for all of us. Plus recently completing a MOOC I’m pretty in love with the format. Your thoughts? http://www.learningbygivingfoundation.org/

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Have you heard of votetrends.com?

Some new friends from the site votetrends.com reached out to my lately to talk about a rather boring subject. Survey technology. Most of us are sold on surveymonkey, or something we rigged together using HTML and radio buttons, but instead we should be checking out their service. Here’s why. Nonprofits are always looking to have bigger and better impact on ...

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Update on the Strategic Advisory Committee for Community Service, Volunteerism, and Philanthropy

Whew. Always a mouthful even to type that. If you remember this is the City of Austin task force that I am serving with. I’ve been very interested to see the discussion ebb and flow over the last few months till we decided to concentrate on community service and volunteerism. Our last meeting was a particularly interesting one in which ...

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@HOME : The Future of Gamification for Good?

At Lights. Camera. Help. We talk a lot about the power of documentary film and video for making measurable, on the ground impact — which is exactly what a new project from Chicago-based Kindling Group is doing for the issue of homelessness. It’s a transmedia campaign called @home, and it’s using documentary film, social media, and a smartphone “game for ...

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