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NTEN Journal CHANGE is all about Mobile and your Nonprofit

Our friends at NTEN have released a new NTEN CHANGE journal. This one is concentrating on what’s going on with mobile trends and mobile strategy across the nonprofit sector. If you are not familiar the NTEN CHANGE journal was established in 2011 to address the strategic and practical considerations nonprofit leadership staff and board members need to make in order ...

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What have you learned lately?

Looks like my friends at nonprofit webinars have fired up the education engine again. They are offering free educational opportunities for Nonprofit Professionals and Trustees! Nonprofit Webinars, part of the soon to be launch 4Good platform, hosts free webinars each week covering all aspects of nonprofit strategy. Learn about governance, marketing, fundraising, grants and more. Attend webinars live and interact ...

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Have you volunteered in Austin? We need your help!

The City of Austin is looking for ways in increase volunteerism across the city. As volunteers that have already found meaningful volunteer opportunities, you know that volunteers are directly taking action to solve our community challenges. To create the most useful tools for volunteers, we would like your thoughts on your own volunteer experience. Please fill out the following short ...

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Are you a volunteer coordinator in Central Texas? We need your help!

As many of you know I have been working with the City of Austin on their long term volunteerism and community service strategy. At this point the City of Austin is beginning to plan initiatives to support volunteers and volunteer managers across the city. We recognize the vital role volunteer programs play in addressing Austin’s most-pressing issues. Because your work ...

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