Evolving volunteerism

Just to toss out there, I’ve been thinking about changes in the volunteer sphere over time. Back in the ’70s when I started work in this field, there seemed to be a core of what I’d now call "traditional volunteers," people (most often women) who adopted a cause and an organization and then proceeded to dedicate many hours over many ...

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Unaffiliated volunteers redux

Trish Snyder at Bloggingforacause dug up an old post by Ed Duke about "unaffiliated volunteers." She got a terriffic comment about the trend from another blogger, Dalene. Unaffiliated volunteers is a trend absolutely consistent with the participatory nature of the intenet. They can get thing done quickly by using the net to organize others for a goal. And they’re going ...

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Volunteerism is Alive and Well

Thank you for your patience for my starting this series on Volunteerism.  I’ve been doing some volunteering of my own and just finished out our fiscal year and ready to share news and views on this topic.  We have seen our country become quite involved in the volunteer mode this past week after the devastation from hurricane Katrina.  People are ...

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