12/7 2009

THANK YOU WEEK – Looking to Hire? My Job Description

What a wild week! I would like to conclude THANK YOU WEEK here at 501derful.org by posting one of my favorite documents. This is what I was hired to do while I was at the American Cancer Society : Director of Online Communications. Of course this changed over time. A LOT!  I came to supervise the Manager of eRevenue and the Manager of Interactive Media (while mentoring them both) and a Social Media Intern. My final title was Director of Web, Film and Interactive Strategy.

However this was the orginal document and makes a great platform to change and adapt. So go out and hire your own Online Communications person.  Edit and modify it as you see fit.

Leave me comments on what you want to see in our next THANK YOU week.

Director Online Communications Job Descrip

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12/5 2009

THANK YOU WEEK – Volunteer Web Site Policy

A lot of non profits are torn on this..torn like an old sweater.

Do you let your volunteers and fans run their own Web Sites? Do you not? Do you make them register? Do they have to sign in blood? Can they use the logo? A variant of your logo?

Over at the American Cancer Society we debated all these things (well not the last one) and decided that once some of our legal team retired ; -) it would be a good thing to do. So here is the policy I came up with for my six states around Volunteer Web Sites. Enjoy and modify as you need it.

Just make sure to credit me and the Blog when you can!

Volunteer Web Site Policy

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12/4 2009

THANK YOU – Social Media 101 Class Document

Once again we are pulling back the curtain here on 501derful.org. All part of our THANK YOU week. When you can go ahead and grab the Social Media 101 Class document I have posted below. While I was at the American Cancer Society I wrote this class to be taken online by fellow communications people and new staff.  It even has a test at the end to see if you were paying attention!

Feel free to edit and change it around for your org. Please just give credit back to me and the Blog.

Enjoy and thanks for reading. If you haven’t yet please subscribe to our RSS feed in the upper right.

Social Media 101 Class Document

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12/2 2009

THANK YOU- Social Media Document for Employees

I get a lot of requests for this so I thought I would THANK YOU all by sharing it. This is the “Social Media Guidelines for Employees” that I helped create while I was at my last non profit  job.

Please enjoy and feel free to edit it to make your own!

Social_Media_Guidelines Final

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