05/26 2011

How are returning Veterans using Social Media?

How are returning Iraq and Afghanistan war vets using social media and online giving? The answers may surprise you. This prezo was done for a group of nonprofits that serves this ever growing and under served group.


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03/8 2011

World Poopin Day? WTF?

World Poopin’ Day (WPD) is a social media event to raise money and awareness for sanitation projecst worldwide. It was conceieved by Aaron Gotwalt, co-founder of CoTweet, to link the concept of “Poopin’” — a reference to the social media phenomenon of sending “poopin” messages through a friend’s Twitter or Facebook account when they’ve left their cell phone unattended — to a campaign for social good.

Participants sign up ahead of time at WorldPoopinDay.com using their Twitter or Facebook account. On March 13, 2011 (during SXSW Interactive), their accounts will be randomly Poopin’d at some point during the day. Tweets/FB updates will contain a message with the hashtag #poopin and information highlighting issues of sanitation in the developing world. The site also includes an optional call to action to donate to GiveLove or Water.org, our nonprofit partners in the campaign.

So are you in during SXSW? I might be pooping. Right now! JK JK!

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11/21 2010

New Convio SM Guide for Nonprofits

Check out the new Convio sponsored Social Media Guide for Nonprofits. Some great tips in here and I was lucky enough to contribute ideas to this and do a Webinar associated with it around video and social media.

You can see the whole site here for Convio Social Media Guide. And download the PDF at the bottom of this post.


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11/10 2010

Who are these Tweeps? Demo info on Twitter

Hat Tip to the always radass Brian Solis and the cool folks at Ad-Ology who just did a major study on who exactly is on Twitter as part of online attitude survey of around 2,000+ Americans. Anyone have $295.00 so I can get the whole report?

The report, “Twitter Users in the United States” surfaces the demographics and psychographics of Twitter users for brands and businesses to better understand the hearts and minds of this unique group of potential customers and influencers.

If we were to humanize the results, we see that the average Twitter user is likely to be:

- Women than men
- Single, with no kids at home
- Have average incomes
- With some college experience
- Own their primary place of residence
- Live in a suburban location


Of the 2,100 people surveyed, the age of Twitter users divided mainly among two groups, but significantly among four…

25-34 = 28.4%

35-44 = 26%

18-24 = 17.8%

45-54 = 13%


The balance of users in this particular study skewed toward white people with 73.6% followed by English speaking individuals of Hispanic origin with 9.6% and 8.7 of reporting participants representing black communities.


As you can see, those who participated in the study indicate that Twitter is home to a well educated society. 30.3% have completed some years of college, 24.5% have earned a Bachelor’s Degree and 18.3% have finished Grad School.
As you can see, those who participated in the study indicate that Twitter is home to a well educated society. 30.3% have completed some years of college, 24.5% have earned a Bachelor’s Degree and 18.3% have finished Grad School.


As in most of the most popular social networks in the United States, more women than men have created accounts on Twitter. And in my work with Klout and PeopleBrowsr, we also learned that when analyzing the greater population of the Twitterverse, women also held greater influence over men.


The study also dove into the interests, aspirations, and behavior patterns of those most active on Twitter.


The top personal goals for Twitter users are: Save more money (74.5%), Exercise more often (63.0%) and Lose weight (58.2%).


57.7% of Twitter users use the Internet more than three hours per day for personal use (outside of school or work) and are considered “heavy Internet users.”


This is one area I’m not sure I agree and need to learn more about this before I comment…

Some Twitter users are more likely to be “heavy users” of the following traditional media: Television (22.6% watch more than 5 hours per day); Newspaper (22.1% read at least one newspaper 6-7 days of the week); Radio (17.8% listen more than 3 hours per day).

Twitter Users are Causemopolitan

60.6% of Twitter users follow a cause/charity on Facebook or Twitter.

53.8% of Twitter users state if price and quality were equal, support of a cause or charity that is important to them would influence their purchase decision.


72.1% of Twitter take action after being exposed to advertising and 69.2% through some form of content marketing. “Action” is defined as clicking on a banner ad, doing an Internet search, going to the advertiser’s website, buying the product advertised, or calling/visiting the advertiser.

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