09/30 2008

Social Media for Nonprofits: Getting the Word Out in the New Information Age

Went to a great conference last week here in Austin where I spoke on Social Media for Social Good. Instead of me doing a re-cap here is a radass post from Tim Wilson that sums it all up sweetness style. Enjoy!

Last week, I had the privilege of moderating a panel on “Social Media: Getting the Word Out in the New Information Age” at the 2008 Crossroads Conference for Nonprofit Excellence in Austin. The panel came about largely, I think, because I pestered the Marketing and Development Director (aka…my sister) for much of the prior year about the fact that she was not using social media actively in her own work. That fed into one of Greenlights’s internal planning sessions for the conference…which led to them asking me to help put together and moderate a panel on the subject. Greenlights found the panelists, and it was a bang-up group:

  • Heidi Adams — Founder and Executive Director of Planet Cancer, which has gotten real traction and success with My Planet (a Ning-based social network for young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer)
  • Connie Reece — Founder of Every Dot Connects, a consortium of independent social media practitioners and consultants…who also just so happened to have founded the Frozen Pea Fund
  • David Neff — Director of Web, Film and Interactive Strategy for the American Cancer Society; he’s one of the key drivers behind sharinghope.tv

Anne Rickard at Greenlights set up a WordPress blog, and I got to be one of the first to post on it (we chatted at the happy hour after the conference, and she’s now pondering how to turn the “Crazy for Crossroads” blog into more of an on-going Greenlights blog — I’m hoping they’re successful with that!).


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09/3 2008

SharingHope.TV now with Blogging

You do know we have a sweet Video and Photo sharing site called SharingHope.TV right? But did you know that we now have a Blog that goes along with our Web Site? I bet you didn’t. So do me a favor. Go check it out and add it to your RSS feeds and bookmark it in Google Chrome when you get the chance.

What do we cover on this Blog? I’ll let the lady behind it tell you all about it!

SharingHope.tv is like a television network starring regular folk.    They are survivors, patients, caretakers, and relatives showing how they persevere every day with Cancer hovering over their lives.  They film their own stories in the comfort of their own homes, using simple and increasingly affordable digital cameras.

By adding your story to SharingHope.tv, you join everyday heroes like Annie in giving hope to people who might be frantically searching the internets for information about a recent cancer diagnosis.  If you are a survivor, you probably remember how scary the mountains of information can seem.  What would it have been like to stumble across the smiling face of someone who has been there, and is urging you to persevere?

Can you really make a difference in the lives of other cancer patients and family members simply by telling your story?  We know you can.

So go to SharingHope.tv and watch the videos.  As you will see, the site is still new and needs more of your stories in order to shine.  If you have access to a digital camera with video capabilities, please take the time to share hope.

Hi. I’m Kara. I don’t have cancer, but I’ve lost two way-too-young friends and a grandfather to the disease. I have good friends fighting cancer now, and so I join the millions praying for cures.  I think SharingHope.tv is an awesome idea, and am doing my best to help spread the word.

Just like SharingHope.tv, I’m still in BETA(that’s social media speak for being pretty new at this blogging thing).”

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08/25 2008

Hunger Bytes – Blog to Make a Difference

So alot of people talk about “Social Media for Social Good” but let’s actualy make something happen. Much like we did for the Central Texas Blood and Tissue Center we are having a Tweetup Food Drive for the Capital Area Food Bank. We have been lucky enough to have Tyson get into the mix. Tyson foods is donating 100 pounds of food to the Capital Area Food Bank for every comment on this post. So help us out!

Read the stats today and Go leave a comment today!

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