Organizational Change

The Biggest Mistake you Can Make with Advisors


I’m an advisor and I agree. Sounds like a TV commercial from the 90’s, right? I’m a doctor on TV and in real life. But I’m being paid to be here. But in this case it’s the truth. I’m an active startup advisor here in Austin, TX for Greater Good Labs, Giving City Magazine and EdgeFlip and several other startups. ...

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The new nonprofit workforce?

My friends over at Greenlights for Nonprofit Success recently published new research on critical career trends shaping the nonprofit workforce.  A few of the key trends include: Compensation is more important than ever. A Greenlights survey found that among Central Texas nonprofit employees, a third of respondents were unsatisfied with salary and 77% indicated a higher salary would increase their likelihood ...

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Books vs Nonprofits: Who helps whom?

A Recap of the Greg Mortenson Furor guest post by David Matthew. David is an ERP software analyst and writes about nonprofit technology at Software Advice. Greg Mortenson, founder of the Central Asia Institute (CAI), has long been considered among the leading lights of the nonprofit world. Not only is he a best selling author, but he is also a ...

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Are any nonprofits using Alternate Reality Gaming?

I would love to hear an answer to that question. I can’t find any. And trust me, I am looking. What is your experience? Know any that I missed? Not sure what alternate reality gaming is? Check out these links. NIN Alt Reality LOST Alt Reality Olympics Alt Reality Game P.S. I am in love with Jane ...

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