05/15 2013

@HOME : The Future of Gamification for Good?

At Lights. Camera. Help. We talk a lot about the power of documentary film and video for making measurable, on the ground impact — which is exactly what a new project from Chicago-based Kindling Group is doing for the issue of homelessness. It’s a transmedia campaign called @home, and it’s using documentary film, social media, and a smartphone “game for change” to educate and inspire action community by community.

I recently took an amazing course on Gamification from the Wharton School. As part of that I learned a lot about transmedia and gamification. I’m seeing more and more transmedia projects exploring issues from a multitude of angles, but the addition of @home’s mobile app — which you can play tailored to your own city — is particularly exciting. As you follow the game’s neighborhood map, you watch video interviews with homeless individuals, and by solve location-based puzzles (like deciding whether a person qualifies for supportive housing). And, as you progress through the game, you’ll raise funds for real home move-in kits for homeless individuals in your community.

The @home team created a prototype of the game at POV’s Hackathon last month, and produced a video documenting the experience. Watch to see a walkthrough of this innovative smartphone game: http://bit.ly/13mTuWa

And support this project’s current crowdfunding campaign here: http://igg.me/at/athome

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11/12 2010

Beyond the Basics : Social Media and Activism 201

Beyond the Basics: Social Media and Activism 201 is a presentation given by Matt Glazer of GNI Strategies and myself, David J. Neff of Ridgewood : Ingenious Communications Strategies. We have presented this at the University of Texas, The AMA National Nonprofit Meeting and Texas Nonprofit Summit so far. (HINT: We’d love to present to your group as well! Just contact us )

The presentation covers the groundbreaking campaigns we are running for political and nonprofit campaigns in 2010. It provides bleeding edge case studies of how to run social media campaigns in 2011 and beyond. Enjoy and I would love to hear any and all of your comments:

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07/29 2010

Blackbaud TV Launches Today with Lights. Camera. Help.

Blackbaud today announced the launch of BlackbaudTV, a new resource for the nonprofit community, with videos featuring nonprofit news, technology tools and tips, philanthropy in action, Blackbaud customers, partners, and events. Look for an exclusive Lights. Camera. Help. Channel coming soon.

To celebrate the launch, Blackbaud is holding the BlackbaudTV Inspire Contest to encourage nonprofit professionals to submit a video in response to the question “How do you inspire supporters to take action?” Each video response submitted will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of two free registrations to the 2010 Blackbaud’s Conference for Nonprofits – North America (drawing being held August 20) and one of two iPads (drawing being held October 21). Learn more about the BlackbaudTV Inspire Contest at www.blackbaud.tv/Inspire.

“BlackbaudTV is a nonprofit video portal, enabling nonprofits and those passionate about a cause to interact with peers, learn, share, and raise awareness through video,” said Mary Beth Natarajan, director of corporate communications at Blackbaud. “It’s a venue for video resources and knowledge sharing, where nonprofits can learn about the latest technology trends and contribute their own video content as well. Launching BlackbaudTV with a contest is exciting because we are getting nonprofits involved in video making. We’re not looking for the perfect delivery or the best picture quality–we’re just looking for nonprofits to share a video on how they inspire action.”

The BlackbaudTV video portal includes videos that are searchable and embeddable that are thematically grouped by channel, and also features resources for nonprofit video making.

Visitors can tune into channels including:

  • Nonprofit News to learn about trends, issues, and news—stay current on issues facing your specific sector, and be the first to find out about events that impact the nonprofit community.
  • TechKNOWlogy to hear about the latest innovations in nonprofit technology—learn about the latest technology tools and tips and hear from peers about how they are leveraging technology in their organizations.
  • Philanthropy in Action to hear how organizations are making the world a better place.
  • Blackbaud Community to hear from Blackbaud customers and partners about how they are leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency, build strong relationships, and raise more money to support their missions.
  • Blackbaud LIVE! for live-streamed video—watch sessions as they are happening from nonprofit events. Live coverage starts with select sessions from Blackbaud’s 2010 Conference for Nonprofits — North America.

Tune into BlackbaudTV to learn more, and submit a video response for a chance to win a free Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits registration or an iPad at www.blackbaud.tv.

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05/21 2010

Non Profit Innovators : Steve Heye of the YMCA

In this continuation of our Non Profit Innovators series Steve Heye of the Chicago YMCA talks about why he is a member of NTEN, What is his favorite usage of Social Media for Causes and what his fav current tools are. More at http://501derful.org , a blog about Non Profits, Causes, Tech and Social Media.

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