01/5 2012

Video : Old School vs New School?

A guest post.

Last week, I conducted my first workshop on video communications called “Leveraging Video for Social Change” for NetSquared at Affinity Lab. My presentation was geared towards nonprofits, but my aim was that it would be useful for product developers and small businesses as well. I covered a lot of ground in my 45 minutes, including five reasons all nonprofits should be doing video, my seven types of video formats, plus some simple do’s and don’ts. We ended by watching a few short videos and discussing their content and presentation.

Because I have a traditional journalism background (newspaper reporter) and because online video audiences have short attention spans, my central thesis was that the principles of newswriting apply to video. Every piece of organizational communications needs the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) in some form to truly be effective. They needn’t be spelled out in a direct or even heavy-handed way, but the information needs to be there because that’s what the viewer cares about – why is this important to me.”

What are everyone’s thoughts on the essentials of video communications?

Greg Roth is an independent communications and creative professional in Washington DC. He is the Founder and Owner of Percy Group Communications, specializing in helping nonprofits and small businesses create more engaging content. To learn more, visit www.Percy-Group.com.

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Posted in Lights Camera Help
11/17 2011

Is this you? Lights. Camera. Help. Volunteer Webmaster

Is this you? Lights. Camera. Help. Volunteer Webmaster

Lights. Camera. Help. is an 501c3, all volunteer organization that helps other nonprofits and causes tell their story through film and video. Our vision is a world where any filmmaker or nonprofit can show their mission instead of just talking about it. We have a great dynamic site done in Joomla 1.5 that needs your help. Our main areas of need are:

- Switching out Menu Items
- Simple Page Formatting Fixes
- Updates to Pages
- Switching out Home Page Content
- Security Updates
- Version Updates
- Moving Hosting in 2012

We think this will total around 5-8 hours a month. We are seeking a Joomla expert to help us when we can’t make the changes ourselves. Is this you? If so please contact david@lightscamerahelp.org for more information and to set up a phone meeting. We have an immediate opening for this person. BONUS if you are into Salesforce as much as we are. : )

Site is located at: http://lightscamerahelp.org/home

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07/21 2011

Nonprofit Video and Thought Leadership

Hey All!

I had a great time putting my video thought leadership hat on with the TechSoup folks this week. We partnered up with a bunch of other industry leaders to do a Live Chat and Video show about how nonprofits are using video to SHOW their mission. Want to check it out and find out more? And get to hear about the new FLIP Camera donation program with Cisco and Techsoup?

Click here to watch the Chat and Video interview show.

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