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The Cover Counts

This week The Economist reported on the demand for college educated recruits and the efforts the top companies are making to obtain top graduates, even prior to their graduation date. It also listed the top “ideal employers” two of which are government/not-for-profit. The “cool factor” is a very big consideration for undergraduates. This includes products, image and web site appearance. ...

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Little Big Givers

The Futurist reports a relatively new form of philanthropic organization, the giving circle, has raised over $44 million since 2000. These community based groups raise funds for various causes, usually local and very focused. The majority of giving circles is all female or led by women. A quick Google shows both in person and virtual giving circles are recent developments ...

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Test Blog Post – an old favorite revisited

A long term favorite web page benefiting a long term favorite cause (endangered animals and the environment) is The feature that hooked me in 1999 is PandaCam. Need a source of relaxation fast? Watch a panda. I checked the webpage yesterday after reading a baby panda was born yesterday morning. The page contains up to date technology to help ...

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