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Tips For Googling

Here’s an excellent summary on how to sharpen your search skills when Googling. Some of you probably already know most of this, but to me, a flashing 12, it really helps. Especially after spending 30 minutes last night trying to help my 6th grader Google what the "D" means on a penny. I knew, but I wanted him to find ...

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News You Can Use…

Thanks to Mediabistro:TVNewser, I came across an article about MSNBC.Com. Their Web site receives more visitors than the Web sites at CNN and NYTIMES.  This article also added to my vocabulary; see the reference to "shovelware". TVNewser also reports that various ABC reporters will start blogging. Looks like the line between MSM and the blogosphere continues to blur. (If you ...

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Blog For Relief Day–Sept 1

Denise Wakeman says she’ll match any contribution made on September 1 up to a total of $500 donatedto alleviate the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina . See the blog for specific details.

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